A memecoin made by AI for the people

Contract Renounced | No Taxes | Total Supply 69 Billion | Crowdfunded Launch | All Tokens in Circulation

Turbo Token began as a bold experiment in cryptocurrency creation. Inspired by the power of artificial intelligence, the project's creator turned to GPT-4 with a simple challenge: create the next great meme coin, starting with a budget of just $69.

Turbo is now a decentralized community-driven crypto adventure.

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"Everything I've done is to try and just make it decentralized. So I'm not in control. And I think that's where the beauty of this came from. It sort of blew up because I'm not running things. Everyone else is coming up with ideas and how to do something and they're just implementing it way better than I could even do myself."

Rhett Mankind Creator of TURBO